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 Xiamen Little Egret Folk Dance Troupe

The troupe was founded on October 5, 1993 as the first professional folk dance troupe in China. Her predecessor is a professional experiment class of Beijing Dance Academy based in Xiamen and jointly established by Xiamen special economic zone and Beijing Dance Academy.

Featuring the exotic dance art of Chinese ethnical minority groups and characterized by the unique Minnan (South Fujian) culture, the troupe has won great fame and honors at national level competitions and performances.

The troupe's performance won " gold rose award " and ranked the first in Shenyang international Yangge Festival dance competition; Group dancing " The Orient Is Red" was awarded a silver medal in the first national " lotus award " dance competition by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles in June, 1998; At the fourth national dancing match, Yuan Lirong won first prize, Lin NaiZhen won outstanding performance award. Five dances from the troupe entered the final competition: Pas de deux "Bird-lets", group dances "Streaming Water", "On the Other Side of the Sea", "Sacrifice Ceremony of Wa" and "Extol A-li-lang".

In addition, Little Egret Folk Dance Troupe was invited to participate in Spring Festival Gala and Lantern Festival Song and Dance Evening Party held by Ministry of Culture and CCTV for many times. Little Egret Folk Dance Troupe was also sent by Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries to perform in Moscow in July, 2001. Their excellent performance in Moscow won the highest honor medal -----"commemorative medal of Sino-Russia friendship ".

Being a distinguished name card of Xiamen, it has paid visits to America, Singapore, the Philippines, New Zealand, Russia and other countries and districts. It enjoys great prestige home and abroad.

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 Gaojia opera

One of the five local forms of opera, Gaojia has been newly recognized by the government as part of China's cultural heritage. Gaojia Opera is very popular in South Fujian, Taiwan and areas of southeast Asia where Minnanhua is spoken.

Gaojia emerged at the end of the Ming and early Qing Dynasty. At first, it was an improvised form which was part of a religious parade. Later it developed into Songjiang drama, which involved plenty of acrobatic fighting and a rather simple plot. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty it absorbed the influences of a number of other performance traditions, and expanded the range of plots considerably. By the late Qing it was mixing Hui Opera ( from Anhui) Beijing Opera and Yiyang music (an improvised percussive folk music) into a unique style.

Gaojia Opera uses Southern Music for its scores. The music is also influenced by Liyuan Opera — another local form. The tenor of the music varies according to the role of the singer onstage. It can be bold and unconstrained, fine and smooth or lively and lighthearted. Gaojia Opera has particularly good female (dan) and clown (chou) roles. The dancing of the clown is in imitation of puppets, and can be very funny indeed. Since the 1950s, Gaojia has developed fast. There are Gaojia troupes spread all over South Fujian. There have also been a series of excellent new opera which have received critical and popular praise: Promoted Three Times, Dreaming of the Emperor's Bedchamber, Jade Chain , Jin Kuixing, The Party of Golden Sword.

Xiamen Jin Liansheng Gaojia Opera Troupe is one of the most famous troupes. The name reflects its embrace of the whole region, combining the Jin of Jinmen with the name of a district in Tong'an. The troupe has been invited to perform in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines many times, and has always been well received.

 Puppet Show

Sack puppet Show: It is also called palm puppet show. The puppets are usually 1.1 feet tall, and the performers can control and perform them with a single palm or double to create the scenes of fighting between two puppets. Other vivid and acrobatic acts include shooting an arrow while riding a horse, climbing over a wall, spinning plates and balancing stacks of bowls on the head. The properties of this puppet show are small and exquisite, and can be put into a sack and taken to the countryside for performance. This is the origin of its name.

The Sack Puppet Troupe in Fujian has been abroad six times on performance tour in 19 countries and regions in the world, such as Yugoslavia, Romania, France, Switzerland, and the USA, and has received cordial applause and appraisal. In 1960, it took part in the Second International Puppet and Marionette Competition in Bucharest and won the First Excellent Performance Prize and a gold medal.

China Zhangzhou Puppet Show Troupe

Ever since China Zhangzhou Puppet Show Troupe's establishment 30 years ago, Zhangzhou Puppet Show Troupe has put on performances all over the country. It has been to Beijing for 17 times to present the shows to Beijing people. Moreover, it has won many awards at domestic as well as international arts festivals. As a goodwill messenger, it has traveled abroad for a dozen times. It has performed the shows and displayed the puppets in more than 20 countries and regions, including Romania, Poland, the former Russia, Yugoslav, Czech, Hungary, Mongolia, France, Swiss, Indonesia, Australia, the USA, Canada, the Great Britain, Portugal, Japan and Germany, etc. Foreign artists appraise its glove puppet shows as "the top-notch art in the world", and Zhangzhou's puppet heads are renowned as the "oriental art treasure".

With a gathering of talents, the Troupe has a strong lineup. There are 52 actors and staff members in the Troupe, among them 24 have been granted mid- and- high technical titles, and 15 are members of Chinese Theatre Association and Fujian Theatre Association. Some of them hold the leading posts in the artists associations at various levels. Being a well-balanced organization, the Troupe consists of an art committee, art creation group, an actor group, a band, a stage art team and a puppet-carving factory.

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